Pet-Friendly Fall Date Ideas

Fun things to do on a date with pets Turn up the heat on your go-to pumpkin spiced latte date with these fresh fall date ideas! Whether your summer fling has lasted another season or you’re planning the perfect first date, here are five date ideas for a day of adventure or for your weekend […]

Pet-Friendly Hotels Across the U.S.

Whether you and your significant other are planning your first trip together or one of many, there is no better third wheel than your WingPet. If you thought traveling with your four-legged companion was going to be rough, start packing your bag because we found four pet-friendly accommodations that will make any tail wag! Choosing […]

Love Is Wild: Three Monogamous Relationships in Nature

Some animals mate for life Did you know that humans aren’t the only species in the animal kingdom looking for their special someone? Out in the wild, beavers, river otters, wolves, seahorses, and barn owls are just some of the adorable animals that mate for life.⁠ As you know, finding that special someone to spend […]

How to Throw a Pet Birthday Party

Birthday pawty If your dream partner is someone that will sing the “Happy Birthday” song with you to your beloved pet, then you’ve come to the right place. At FetchaDate, we don’t just encourage you to bring your pet along for dates, we understand when you want to spotlight what happens in your pet(s) lives […]

The Science Behind a Pet in Your Profile

In my book Leashes and Lovers, I explore the secrets to relationship success—secrets that are influenced by the ball of fur at your feet. That’s right, your dog or cat is the secret to better relationships. But your pets don’t just help you sustain a great relationship; they help you land the first date! These […]

Including Your Pet in Your Wedding

Here at FetchaDate, we’re all about experiencing dating with your WingPet at your side. From your very first trip together to that awkward time in the bedroom, your furry companion has seen it all! So when it comes to tying the knot, will your guest list include your pet? Your pet shares all of themselves with you. Why not […]

Who Gets the Pet in a Breakup?

At FetchaDate, we’re all about helping pet lovers find a long-term relationship for both humans and pet(s). But sometimes it doesn’t work out. And, when it doesn’t, a breakup might be messy. Breaking up when there is a pet involved can make it an even bigger nightmare. We know how complicated, frustrating, and disheartening a […]

The Process of Moving On from a Breakup

No matter the reasons behind the end of a romantic relationship, heartbreak is painful. Regardless of whether walking away from the relationship was undoubtedly right or it was a choice you begged your partner not to make, losing the person who was your most intimate confidant and closest support system is not an easy change […]

Adopt a Pet: Good Idea to Find and Keep a Relationship?

In March of 2020, the national rescue dog adoption rate was a stunning 58%. By the end of that same month, adoption rates soared to 85%! It’s no surprise that couples and singles alike are flocking to shelters and adoption events. Pets are downright good for our health. They make us happier, get us out […]

Dating App Profile Picture Tips

After a long year of quarantine and needing to be tested before even touching another human being, singles are ready to mingle like never before! Are you ready for this Hot Vax Summer? More than ever, people are flocking to online dating. We’re thrilled about that. And pets are showing up in singles’ online dating […]

Millennials Seeking Pet Lovers

Millennials are known for a variety of things: lovers of avocados; killers of the housing market (along with diamonds, napkins, and American cheese); seekers of instant gratification; addicts to social media; and unfazed by laziness. In fact, Millennials have been labeled so consistently and, quite often, negatively, that many try to reject the Millennial label […]

How to Survive Working from Home With Your Pets and Your Partner

In the wake of COVID-19, couples who live together may be facing a whole new set of challenges. Some of us have crippling separation anxiety from the thought of going back to the office and leaving our pets at home. Others are preparing to work-from-home long-term, wishing they had an office to escape back to. […]

Separation Anxiety from Your Pet After COVID-19

As the world begins to open again and in-person dating doesn’t feel so scary, something else might: leaving your pet. Life during COVID-19 Many pets have been living their very best lives during COVID-19. They have become the star of Zoom work meetings, workouts, walks at all times of the day, and revel in the […]

Wine Down With Your WingPet

Wine, dogs, and love might just be the best things in life. So, why not combine them all on one hot summer outing or date? I’m no beginner when it comes to wine, dogs, and love. I held events for dog owners called “Beach and Vine” in the upscale Hamptons. Before cooling down over a […]

Fetch on the Beach

It’s that time of the year when everything is heating up, including the dating scene for pet lovers! Minus the dog park, we’ve been cooped up so long in social isolation, so these moments outdoors for pet owners are extra special in 2021. Longer days, warmer nights and fewer layers mean the season of love […]

Introducing Your Pet to Your Date’s Exotic Pet

Those deep hazel eyes. The ability to blend into any environment seamlessly. And the long, fast tongue, ready to catch its prey. Yes, we’re talking about the chameleon that caught your attention on FetchaDate, but it was the owner behind this exotic pet that sealed the deal on going on a date. You feel like you’ve […]

When Your WingPet Gets in the Way of Intimacy

Here at FetchaDate, we’re all about your WingPet tagging along for dates. In fact, we encourage you to take them with you on a date to a hiking trail or a dog park. But what happens when your WingPet doesn’t take the hint when they’re not invited? If you’re a pet owner, you’ve probably been […]

What Your Choice in Pets Reveals About You or a Potential Date

From cats and dogs to birds and snakes, have you ever wondered what your choice in pet reveals about you? Or better yet, what does it reveal about a potential partner? Scientific American did the work for us, digging through scientific research, polls, and surveys. Before you swipe, scroll down to see what type of […]

Your First Trip Together

After isolation, you might be as ready as I am to grab your pup, a special someone, and hit the road for an overdue getaway. If you’re in a new relationship, the first trip with a new love interest can feel intimidating. So why not bring the best third wheel there is on your trip: […]

How to Help Your Pet and Date Get Along

We’re all familiar with how intimidating, disastrous, or downright terrifying it can be to introduce a date or partner to your family.  In “Meet the Parents,” a sibling showed up to dinner with their neck covered in hickeys, and the girlfriend fleed after being asked if she’s a vampire. It was a glorious mess. In […]