How Pets Get You Through Tough Times

Pets are an important part of our emotional well-being. Even in social isolation, they bring out as much of the social side in us humans as we do while socializing them. They connect us with the world around us, from our own homes to dog parks, even on days that we don’t think we have […]

Secret Rules of Dating a Pet Owner

Does your pet choose your date for you? For many, they’ll agree that’s what happens. When Jessica of New York was asked to go on a date, she already had plans that evening to celebrate her dog Fidel’s birthday, cake included. She told her potential date she was busy with her dog’s festivity, then invited […]

What’s the Deal with “Crazy Cat Lady”?

Why is the single lady with cats “crazy”? First, let’s do a quick overview of the “crazy cat lady” stereotype: single lady, middle-aged to senior, hoarder wearing a robe with disheveled hair. I’m struggling with the amount of qualifying cats that make someone a crazy cat lady. Photos on the internet tell me at least […]

Getting Through a Breakup

Heartbreak is devastating. When unwarranted, it’s a period of grieving. And, it’s perfectly normal to feel down in the dumps for a period of time. It’s not uncommon to mourn the possibilities of a future with that person. You will reminisce on the love you may have shared, the trips that did happen and the […]

Limited Beliefs Holding You Back From Love?

The path to finding “the one” can be the equivalent of a dog trying to get comfy in its bed. It winds through first dates, last dates, the love-drunk infatuation that comes with the beginnings of a relationship, and the heart-crushing acceptance that comes with the endings of one. These experiences help us learn more […]

DTR: Where Is Your Relationship Headed?

So you’ve matched with that cutie on FetchaDate? You went on your first, fourth, and even seventh date—not that you were counting! You’ve even introduced them in person to your pet, and they get along. The more time you spend together, the more things about them you like. Then, one day as you’re gazing at […]

Five Reasons Why Animal Lovers Make Better Partners

You’re trying out dating apps and can’t seem to find the right matches. You checked off so many “boxes” for one another to be a match. You both enjoy attending concerts, watching sports, and drinking a fine wine. Yet, at the end of a few dates or maybe even a few months, you’re feeling unfulfilled […]

Cat Dads Are Sexy Too

To cat lovers, cats are mysterious and intriguing. To those unfamiliar, cats can seem secretive, independent, snooty, and even a bit scary. Some of those attributes may unfairly transcend to the owner’s personality. Without legitimate reason, men and women are labeled the “Effeminate Cat Guy” and “Crazy Cat Lady.” But why is there such a stigma […]

FetchaDate on Unconditional Love Stories

After swapping breaking news for barks and bow wows, Dr. Scott finds out how dog expert and animal lovers’ matchmaker, Sheryl Matthys, has been helping puppy love lead to human love on FetchaDate. Check out this engaging 30-minute podcast of international press with Dr. Scott from London.

Online Dating Is the New Normal

It’s a question couples get asked all the time. How’d you meet? Ten to 15 years ago, people were embarrassed to admit the answer was online dating. It felt as if they were desperate to resort to it and didn’t want to admit to others that’s how they met. I know of several friends who […]

Power of the Pet in Your Profile

Including your pet in your profile Your pet helps relieve your stress, cuddles with you at night, and makes you laugh. They’re the link to finding your perfect mate. More than ever, pets are showing up in dating profiles, and people actually look for others with pets in their profiles. In the FetchaDate app, it’s […]

Cats, Dogs, and Dates

You hit the jackpot. You found someone on the FetchaDate app who’s a fellow pet lover. You swiped right on their virtual pet, and you found yourself interested in the owner too. You’re a great match and enjoy many of the same activities. It’s official. You’ve both decided to go on a date. Then you […]

A Pet Lovers Date to a Cat Café

Dating can be rough but made easier when you know you already have a fundamental aspect in common: You’re both pet lovers. You’ve swiped right on each other on FetchaDate, had a chat and now are ready to meet in person. Are you not quite ready you should bring your pets? Well, here’s a new […]

Connecting Dog Lovers in the Dating World

The Coaching Call goes to the dogs! Sifu Rafael interviews Sheryl Matthys, founder of FetchaDate, the dating mobile app where pet lovers meet – on his podcast The Coaching Call.  Pet lovers can create a free profile in the app where their pet makes their introduction as their WingPet and leaves clues about them. So […]

5 Tips for Hiking with your Pet on a Date

Are you wondering what to do on your ne­xt, fun date? Hiking can be a date idea. And if you’re in your early dating stage, including your pet (especially your dog) is a way to see how your pet reacts with your date. This is also a good time to filter out the kind of […]

Attracting the Right Partner, Especially a Pet Person

“I’m so over dating!” “I’m never going to meet the one.” How many times have you heard a friend, or yourself, exasperatedly moan one of the above statements? If so, you’re not alone. Actually more than half (51%) of Americans between the ages of 18-34 don’t have a romantic partner, and most single adults say […]

Social Dog – FetchaDate Dating App for Pet Lovers

All about pet lovers dating on FetchaDate! Cindie Carter interviews FetchaDate founder, Sheryl Matthys. Social Dog Podcast Plays Here Social Dog is devoted to inspiring, motivating, and educating both dog owners as well as those who love dogs. We’re a community where dog lovers can learn more about topics relevant to dogs and their social […]

How to Make your Online Dating Profile Stand Out

Online dating is becoming even more popular, especially during COVID-19. According to Pew Research, 48% of 18-29-year-olds say they’ve used a dating site or app. The good news is the majority of online daters say it’s at least somewhat easy to find potentially compatible partners. So with more people flocking to online dating, here are […]

Choosing a Dog for Your Single Lifestyle

During the pandemic, it seems like everyone is getting a pet. It’s known as the “buffering effect” when pets help fill the gap of our limited social interactions with humans. Any pet owner will attest to the idea that pets help us feel less lonely and isolated. You’ve decided you want a dog to keep […]

Most Fetching Dog Parks as Date Spots

So you found a potential date on the FetchaDate app. Can your dog sniff out if your date is a keeper? We want to help your WingPet with the initial date introductions at one of these dog-friendly date spots. When I’d take my Greyhound, Shiraz, to dog parks in New York City some years ago, […]