Contrary to the stereotype, cats and dogs don’t all hate each other. If they’ve been socialized around each other early on or if you take just the right steps, your four-legged companions can all live in harmony. In fact, you might learn a thing or two for dating from a successful cat-dog relationship. Here’s what they might teach you from date number one for a perfect relationship.

We all can get along.

Take it slow

One sniff at a time is the secret sauce to a successful cat-dog relationship. It won’t be a quick process, but a slow and steady approach is sure to pay off. Start with swapping smells of each animals belongings before an introduction. A favorite blanket, toy, or bandana is a great choice for letting one pet smell the other.  Like smelling your date’s perfume or cologne, the pet will start associating the smell with the person (or pet).

Healthy boundaries

Take your time getting comfortable with the new WingPet owner (including inquiring about each other’s social circle). Good relationships thrive on healthy boundaries, and that includes both humans and pets.

For example, a cat or dog coming into the other’s space is a big deal. They should start in different rooms with a physical boundary separating them. When it’s time for introductions, each pet should have access to a safe place in case one (or both) gets overwhelmed.

Enjoy an activity, but give each other space.

Take it from our feline and canine friends. Feeling safe and respecting boundaries is essential for our FetchaDate relationships too. When it comes to dating in 2022, we don’t know if it’s socially acceptable to kiss, hug, shake hands, or just wave goodbye to your date (aka handticipation). Boundaries might look like a physical six-foot separation or a solo afternoon to indulge in your favorite pastime. Whatever your boundary might be, the more you communicate these needs, the easier it is for both individuals to respect and nourish them.

Learn how to communicate

Speaking of communication, our four-legged companions have their own culture. Cats and dogs speak an entirely different language. Dogs don’t purr, and cats could interpret a playful bark as aggression. Sparking a friendship between a cat and a dog takes time and work for both to learn each other’s communication style. The same goes for human relationships.

At peace after getting to know one another

No relationship comes with perfect communication, says Dr. John Gottman, a psychological researcher and clinician. Instead, a successful relationship thrives on the ability to recognize and repair any regrettable conversations. Understanding your partner’s love language helps too.

Stay curious

They say curiosity is what killed the cat, but it’s curiosity that will keep a relationship alive. What makes a cat-and-dog relationship special is they are curious about what the other is doing and possibly why.

Dr. Brené Brown, author and research professor on shame writes, “When I feel myself reaching for my favorite armor—perfectionism, anger, being the knower, trying to control, emotional intensity, getting critical—I try to remember that the antidote to armoring up is staying curious.”

Take the hint from your curious cat. Don’t be afraid to be inquisitive about your partner. Curiosity won’t kill you (nor the cat).

Curious kitten checks out profiles

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