How To Date a Pet Lover!

So you found a potential date on the FetchaDate app, and you’re ready to invite your WingPet on the date. Will she sniff out if your date is a keeper?

As the pet lovers matchmaker, I’ve interviewed hundreds of women who’ve all said to me, “If their date doesn’t like their pet, there will not be a second date.” But have you ever stopped to think that while you’re observing how your pet reacts to your date, your date is observing your relationship with your pet?


What Your Dog Can Teach You About Love, Life, and Happiness

In my book Leashes and Lovers, I write, “Your dog can send a potent message to others about who you are, what you deem important, and even how you choose to enjoy your spare time.” That’s right. Your relationship with your pet might send sparks flying, or leave a date crashing and burning. Here’s how you, and your pup, can make the best impression on a date.

Ask if you can bring your WingPet

Before you grab your pup and head out for your date, be sure that your date is okay with a furry third wheel. If you met on FetchaDate, chances are your date will happily accommodate your WingPet, but asking will go a long way in building mutual respect. Plus, inviting your pup could mean switching up the date location or activity. Regardless of what you do or where you go, including your well-behaved WingPet on your date is guaranteed to result in a happier, more fun experience!

Tip: If your WingPet doesn’t always play nice, it might be best they stay home. If all goes well, your date can meet your pup at their home turf or another familiar location.

Don’t ruff it, be well-groomed

Ready for the date!

You wouldn’t leave for a date without bathing, and neither should your pup! Dog lover or not, nothing smothers the romance of a date like the thick scent of a stinky pup! So, pamper your WingPet with a pre-date bath, or go all out with a trip to the groomer.

Keep your WingPet healthy

One of the best things you can do for your dog, and the dogs she comes into contact with, is to keep her healthy. If your WingPet plans to be out and about with you, she should be up to date on her check-ups and vaccines. If you notice that she has a cough or is exhibiting any other signs of illness, it’s best to keep her home. Your date will be impressed by your pup spreading love, not germs.

Prepare her basic needs

Keep your WingPet happy on the date by packing all of the essentials. Have plenty of fresh water and snacks, plus fun toys that could keep her occupied while sitting (like a food puzzle or chew). If your date includes a dog park, bring along a Frisbee or ball. If your date doesn’t include a place for your dog to burn run and burn off energy, don’t forget to take her on a pre-date walk.

Playing in the snow makes a fun date too!

Show patience

Lastly, if your pup has an accident or other blunder on the date, don’t freak out. Just like you would at home, approach the situation with love. We can’t expect our pets to be perfect, and their quirks and funny messes are what make them so special! If your date is a pet lover, this person will totally understand the life of pet parenting, plus a little love and understanding will provide your date with a glimpse of what kind of romantic partner you are.

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