Birthday pawty

Courtesy of Paws PDX Travels

If your dream partner is someone that will sing the “Happy Birthday” song with you to your beloved pet, then you’ve come to the right place. At FetchaDate, we don’t just encourage you to bring your pet along for dates, we understand when you want to spotlight what happens in your pet(s) lives too. Why? They’re part of your relationship!

Your pet gives you so many reasons to celebrate them. They score you dates, are the perfect travel partner, and downright make every day better. While you might spoil them daily for all they do, there is no better day to be over the top than their birthday or adopt-iversary.

While throwing a birthday party for your pet might sound a little silly at first, you wouldn’t be alone in wanting to go the extra mile for your furry companion. In 2017, the Daily Mail reported that 75% of owners celebrate their pup’s birthday, with over half even singing the “Happy Birthday” song to them. As the number of children per household declines and the number of pets per household increases, I can only imagine that there are more and more pets enjoying the serenades.

So, how do you go about throwing the most fetching birthday party for the best WingPet? Well, kind of like organizing a human party: guest list, decorations, presents, cake, and fun!

The guest list

Keep the party list simple by including only members of your household. Or, go big and invite other two-legged friends, preferably your pup’s favorite dog park pals!

Consider your pet’s personality when creating the guest list. Keep the list to the people and/or canine pals they truly enjoy, and it’s best to not invite pups your dog has never met before. Also, it’s probably a good idea to keep cat parties limited to humans only. Inviting other cats could cause your special kitty stress.

The venue

Choose to throw the party inside your house. (Warning: we never said a pet birthday party wasn’t messy!) Hang outside in a secure yard. Or, forget the stress of hosting at your house and choose a dog-friendly party venue like The Dog Bar that offers dog party packages! Whatever you choose, be sure that there is lots of water available, ample space, and a place to go potty!

Furry friends pawty


Choose a special theme (doggie Luau anyone?) or classic cat/dog theme for your party. Decorate your space with banners, streamers, balloons, and anything else that feels festive! Provide guests with fun photo props like cat ears and cut-out dog bones. Don’t forget party hats for all two- and four-legged friends!

Pawty refreshments

Make your own pet-friendly cake, or pick up a special treat from your local pet store. We love this dog birthday cake that sounds as delicious as it does nutritious with carrots, peanut butter, and Greek yogurt! For our adventurous feline friends, this Paw-lickin’ Birthday Cake is sure to make your birthday kitty purr.


Happy Birthday! Photo courtesy of Paws PDX Travels

Before whipping up your own pet-friendly birthday treat, brush up on which foods are toxic to cats and dogs.

Don’t forget food and drinks for the human guests, too! Choose themed foods such as hot dogs and cookies made with pet-shaped cookie cutters. For drinks, choose pet-themed cocktails like a Greyhound or meow-mosas to go along with non-alcoholic beverages.

A fluffing good time

Every party needs fun activities and games! If it’s hot out, set up a kiddie pool or a sprinkler for the pups to play in. Let your pup and their friends practice sniffing out goodies by hiding treats around the yard or inside your house. You might be impressed to find out which pup has the best super-sniffing abilities!

When all the fun is winding down, and pets and humans alike are worn out and full from the cake, say thank you for coming with a goodie bag! Include a thank you note and a few small treats for your pup’s canine friends.

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