It’s that time of the year when everything is heating up, including the dating scene for pet lovers! Minus the dog park, we’ve been cooped up so long in social isolation, so these moments outdoors for pet owners are extra special in 2021.

Longer days, warmer nights and fewer layers mean the season of love has arrived. Cool down (or turn the heat up) with this summer date idea—just you, your significant other, and your WingPet.

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Pet-friendly beach

Photo credit: Andrew Pons/Unsplash

Whether you’re newly single on a first date or on one date of many, planning a romantic beach date with a fellow dog lover is sure to win over your pet-loving partner. The first step in planning a romantic beach picnic is to choose a location. Choose a spot (riverside, lakeside, or oceanside!) that you, your WingPet, and your date are all going to enjoy. Some dog-friendly beaches are off-leash and some are not.

You may be surprised which beaches are pet-friendly. I held events for dog owners called “Beach and Vine” in the upscale Hamptons, and several beaches allowed dogs during certain hours and days.

We’d shuttle city go-ers to the Hamptons, play with the dogs on the beach, and then head to a couple of vineyards for wine-tasting also at pet-friendly venues. Whether you’re a pet lover on a date with someone new or with dog-loving friends, there are opportunities to meet others with your WingPet by your side!

Picnic at a dog beach

If a beach is crowded, off-leash pups and a delicious picnic might not be the ideal combination. If your dog loves swimming, check that there are no dangerous currents or a lot of boat traffic. Turn up the romance by choosing a location with picturesque scenery and a chance to see a stunning sunset.

Picnic essentials

 A picnic meal can be as fancy or simple as you want. Finger-food sandwiches, nuts, and fruits are great choices. Or, get fancy and try one of these delicious drink, main course, or dessert recipes.

If cooking isn’t your thing, grab takeout from a nearby restaurant. Whatever meal you choose, don’t forget to pack a blanket, utensils, and treats for your pet.

Cool down with a chilled bottle of wine (where allowed!) or your date’s favorite sparkling drink.

WingPet essentials

Keep your WingPet happy and safe by packing all of the essentials. Have plenty of fresh water and snacks, plus fun toys like a frisbee (for Fetch, obviously) or tennis ball.

If your pups will be swimming, keep them safe with a doggie life jacket. Bring a tent, umbrella, or a pet backpack to give them a place to chill out when they need a break from running around or playing in the water.

photo courtesy of @paws_pdx

Enjoy the scenery—and each other

There is nothing more romantic than pet lovers planning a date at the beach, especially if there is a sunset and your BFF WingPet is having a blast too. It’s the perfect time to slow down and enjoy the moment.