Here at FetchaDate, we’re all about experiencing dating with your WingPet at your side. From your very first trip together to that awkward time in the bedroom, your furry companion has seen it all!

So when it comes to tying the knot, will your guest list include your pet? Your pet shares all of themselves with you. Why not share your most special day with them by your side? From your engagement shoot to your big day, no one could make it more unique than your WingPet.

Tips before and on the big day

Engagement photos are even more special with your pet included

Engagement shoot

If you’re considering inviting your furry BFF to your wedding, including them in the engagement shoot is a perfect test run. Armed with their favorite treats, test your pet’s modeling abilities in a lower-stress environment. During the photoshoot, account for breaks about every 10-15 minutes for your pet. Our pets may love getting their photo taken at first or could be squirmy. And, don’t be alarmed if, after 20 minutes, they have no desire to be photographed anymore and may want to just chill out. If you want images that include them, fit those in first.

The big day

Your pet nailed the engagement shoot and is ready for the big day, but including your WingPet on this ultimate date will take some planning!

Because they’re by your side in life, it’s special to include your pet on your wedding day.

A trusted caregiver

Whatever role your pet will play in your wedding, assign a trusted caregiver to help. This person should know your pet well but shouldn’t be part of the wedding party. Ask your trusted caregiver to not only help you handle your pet (feed, hydrate, tend to their potty breaks) but to exercise them before wedding activities.


Your pet is part of your family so it’s natural to want to include them in this special day of expanding the family pack. While you love your pet, they can create chaos. Maybe they jump on others. Or, maybe they know how to jump on chairs and tables to steal food. Training sessions before the big day can make all the difference. Basic obedience training is a great start. Make sure to request special attention regarding jumping issues, a solid stay command, sit, and hitting a mark if you want them to walk down the aisle and stop near you. Having a designated person (a trainer or special friend with command of your dog) to help with these tasks takes the pressure off of you, and they can monitor how well your pet can perform that day. Keep an open mind about whether it all works out. If it does, bonus. If not, keep in mind the day is about your nuptials and not whether your pet was up for the task.

Flower pups, ring pups, and dogs of honor

Some great pet moments include the first look session and the shoot directly following the ceremony. As I share in my book Leashes and Lovers, a Toy Poodle named Max had a very important role in his humans’ wedding as a ring pup! With a ring pillow attached to his hindquarters, he proudly walked down the aisle to deliver his owners their rings. Your pet can be a ring pup, flower pup, or dog of honor, too.

If your pet will play an active role in the ceremony, practice makes perfect! Don’t wing it on the big day. Instead, let your pet practice walking down the aisle, rewarding them for a job well done with a high-reward treat. Explore the venue before the big day with your pet, peeing (where allowed) and sniffing until their heart is content.

Pet allergies and guests

Don’t forget to get approval from the venue before inviting your WingPet⁠—even if the wedding is outdoors. Let your guests know about your pet(s) so they can plan accordingly if they have allergies or a fear of certain pet breeds. Speaking of allergies, work with your florist to have non-toxic flowers only and give a heads up to the caterer and DJ, who may find themselves with a four-legged shadow.

Wedding attire

While it’s easy to be caught up on dresses and suits, have fun including your pet in wedding attire. If they’re accustomed to wearing clothing, opt for a potty-friendly outfit. Or, jazz up your pet with a simple yet elegant pet necklace or bow-tie collar.

When your pet can’t attend

Of course, not all pets can physically attend a wedding. Whether it’s too much stress or your pet isn’t properly trained, your pet can still be part of your special day.

Your pet can look dressed for the occasion even with a simple bow tie.
  • If using a cake topper, choose one with your pet included.
  • Customize socks and/or pocket squares with your pet’s face.
  • Make cardboard cut-outs of your pet so they dine “with” you.
  • Add photographs and illustrations of your pet to invitations, your wedding website, table settings, and more.
  • Feature a pet-themed drink menu paying homage to your pet.
  • Include your pet in photo booth props.

Whether your WingPet is physically at your wedding or another special way, they are bound to make your special day even more special.

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