Is your WingPet on the Naughty or Nice List?

There are nearly 90 million dogs, according to the American Pet Products Association. With that many dogs as pets, we were curious who thought their pet has been a good or bad dog this year.

We know no breed is bad, and no dog is perfect. However, a new study from Protect My Paws followed Instagram hashtags like #gooddog and #naughtypuppy to see which breeds are more likely to be on the nice list, and which breeds might be in the “dog house,” so to speak!

The “good” boys and girls

To create the tables, Protect My Paws made a list of good- and bad-dog hashtags such as:

  • #gooddog
  • #cleverdog
  • #cleverpuppy
  • #baddog
  • #naughtypuppy
  • #cheekydog
  • #muddydog

They made a comprehensive list (87,886 total posts) of dog breeds and analyzed Instagram posts featuring a dog breed and any of those hashtags. They then calculated the proportion of good to bad hashtags for each breed in order to identify the top naughty and well-behaved breeds. There were 43,367 geotagged posts analyzed in order to create the maps.

Korean Jindo Dog is tagged as the best-behaved breed. This breed may not be known as well in the U.S. Jindos are renowned for their loyalty, developing a strong bond with owners from puppyhood. It’s no wonder they’ll be Santa’s little helper this year. American Kennel Club (AKC) describes the breed as bold, brave, alert, careful, not tempted easily, and impetuous. And if Santa Claus needs some backup, runner-up good pups Perro De Presa Canario will happily lend a helping paw.

Good pups according to Protect My Paws study.

According to Instagram geotags, you’re most likely to meet one of these good pups in the countries of Taiwan, Ireland, or Austria. Wondering where in the U.S. you can find these well-behaved pooches? Look no further than the southern hospitality of Arkansas, Louisiana, and Alabama.

Table of Good and Bad, according to hashtags


The naughtiest boys and girls

If cuteness is what makes a pup bad, then I don’t want a good boy or girl! The snowball of a breed Japanese Spitz is documented as the naughtiest pup, according to Instagram trends. What else is this breed top dog in? According to AKC, “lovey-dovey” traits are off the charts! Known as the family comedian, we have to wonder what these mischievous pups are getting into to get a laugh from their fur families. Other breeds that might be on the naughty list this year: Shichon, Mudi, and Cockapoo.

Where should Santa send his coal? According to Instagram geotags, the naughtiest pooches live in South Africa, Slovakia, and Singapore. Only two states in the U.S. use a majority of naughty hashtags versus good dog hashtags: Kansas and North Carolina.

Making a list and checking it twice

While making our naughty and nice list and checking it twice, we started to wonder what really earned naughty pups a #baddog tag. It’s usually just in jest and of course, we’re really to blame for the fun antics. For example, this boy Blue on Instagram is not literally bad to the bone.

Blue, the prankster!

Whether you’re single or in a committed relationship or looking for your first pet together, considering your lifestyle and breed personalities is key. If your lifestyles don’t mesh, you might find yourself thinking you have a naughty pup when what you really have is a high-energy dog. Just check out this bloodhound lapping up extra attention, guilty of too much love!

Guilty of too much love?

All good dogs in our eyes

In my book “Leashes and Lovers,” I created categories of pup personalities and traits to help you choose the best pup for your desired lifestyle.

As you’re snuggling with your pup by the fire this holiday season, we all know a hashtag is just all in “fun.” Good or bad, these are beloved dogs whose adoring owners look for a laugh and a connection. We’re just happy they don’t talk to others about our antics and what list we may be on!

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