It’s beginning to look a lot like a WingPet Christmas!

Is your WingPet a little naughty from time to time? The festive season is full of weird and interesting sights, smells, and textures. Even the most well-behaved WingPet might find himself on the naughty list if he gets a little curious. So, we’ve made a list, and we’ve checked it twice! Whether this is your WingPet’s first Christmas or one of many, we have the list of must-know tips for keeping your pet safe this holiday season.

Furry and bright

Skip the candles.

Lit candles can easily be knocked over by your pet or singe the whiskers of your curious cat. Keep your #WhiskerWenesday trending with flameless LED candles instead of real candles. Can’t resist the smell of fresh-baked cookies, pine, or cinnamon? Neither can we, and that’s why we love pet-friendly scented or unscented flameless candles.

A very meowy kissmas

Keep the mistletoe out of reach.

Keep mistletoe up high, away from pets

Hoping for a smooch under the mistletoe from your WingPet or FetchaDate match this holiday season? Be sure the mistletoe is secure in a high place, or opt for artificial mistletoe that you can use year after year. If ingested, your WingPet could experience abdominal pain, an upset stomach, or excessive drooling.

Howlin’ around the Christmas tree

Secure the Christmas tree.

Cover the water in the tree stand so pets don’t drink from it.

If your holiday season includes putting up a real Christmas tree, keep it off-limits with a gate and secure it in place with string or wire. A nibble of pine tree needles could lead to digestive upset and pain for your WingPet. Don’t forget to secure the Christmas tree water that your pet could mistake for his water dish. Keep it covered at all times. It’s a breeding ground for bacteria and could harbor a toxic level of tree oil. When it comes to decorating the tree, skip the tinsel completely and place fragile ornaments out of paws reach.

Santa claws

Keep extension cords out of reach.

Mischievous playful puppy tangled in Christmas lights looking guilty.

More lights mean more wires and cords for your WingPet to play with and chew on. Keep wires out of reach or secure them in cord protectors for a pet-safe holiday home. Rearrange furniture or move a rug or two to keep wires hidden.


Skip noise-making decorations.

Bah humbug!

There is no faster way to turn your festive WingPet into a Scrooge than with loud holiday décor that pops up, knocks, rings, claps, or bellows “Ho, ho, ho” at all hours. These decorations can be scary for your pet, putting them on edge and making their holiday less than jolly.


Don’t let your WingPet open presents early!

Everyone loves opening a Christmas present early, including your WingPet! Keep presents out of paws reach until Christmas morning, especially those with food, treats, or other attractive smells. Ingesting wrapping paper could cause digestive blockage.

Sugar and spice isn’t so nice

Keep human food out of your WingPet’s bowl and mouth.

Keep your pet away from the table and unattended plates of food, and be sure to secure the lids on trash cans. While your pet may think the holiday fare smells yummy, cooked bones, sweets, and alcohol are all on the very naughty list of foods for pets.

Have a place your pet can relax in during the holiday commotion.

If you plan to have a holiday gathering that might be loud or stressful for your pet, provide your pet with a safe and cozy room he can decompress in.

While we can’t guarantee your WingPet won’t get into other mischiefs, we hope these tips help keep him safe and on the nice list this holiday season! Happy Howl-idays from FetchaDate!

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