Pet lovers are the new normal in online dating

In our nostalgia of going out to restaurants, I’d forgotten about pricey tabs, wait lists for tables, and the exhaustion of crowds. While we, and the rest of the world, should be clambering at the opportunity to get out and about, something else is going on.

“Even people who weren’t overtly affected personally by COVID-19 may be ‘languishing’—struggling to feel ‘normal’ again after months of societal turmoil,” writes Elspeth Cameron Ritchie, MD, at MedStar Health. “The truth is, life is unlikely to revert to the ‘normal’ we were used to, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

What we might be feeling has a name: re-entry anxiety and post-pandemic stress. But we’re also building a new normal, complete with personal growth and a fresh view on love—and it’s not looking so bad after all.

Self-care and importance of relationships is up after a long bout of pandemic

The grown-up glow up

A new study says it’s not all anxiety and stress; we’re seeing real personal growth sparked by the events of the pandemic. Over the last two years, respondents have reported making big strides in self-care, building strong family relationships, and prioritizing what’s important to them.

This has led to an uptick in longer conversations after swiping right. Gone, it seems, are late nights at the bar looking for a fling. Here, for now, are long nights building a meaningful connection through text, talk, and video—with the help of online dating.

Chatting and getting to know each other before a date is happening online

The hottest part of it all, reports the study, is emotional maturity. Only 78% of respondents report that they’re looking for someone physically attractive (down from 90% in 2020) and instead value trust, laughter, and someone with hobbies of their own.

What about pet lovers?

It’s no secret that pet parents and lovers possess some of the best qualities in a potential partner, and it’s these qualities that are making singles swoon. Pet parent attributes are what make the singles on FetchaDate, the dating app for pet lovers, different than the lackluster (and so 2020) offline dating.

Dog lovers take their pet with them on dates!

Pet parents and lovers are in tune with their pet’s needs. They have an emotional understanding and sense of empathy beyond the norm. This emotional awareness probably transcends to human relationships, too. Hot, right?

When I was at the park talking with a dog owner named Danielle, she said, “I think that people who are in touch with dogs are more in touch with their emotional side and are more caring people. That in itself makes you sexier.”

If that somehow doesn’t make you hot and heavy for a pet lover, consider their patience and ability to laugh off the adorable, ridiculous things a pet sometimes does. Pets can be downright silly and lighten the mood in any room. That means a date with a third-wheel WingPet is guaranteed to be a good time.

At FetchaDate, your WingPet makes the first introduction. If you currently don’t have a pet, don’t worry. No Pet, No Problem™. We offer Virtual Pets to choose from to represent you first in the app to help you connect with other pet lovers.