It’s puppy fun time on Super Bowl Sunday!

Mark your calendar for this date idea—the 18th Annual Puppy Bowl airs on February 13, 2022 at 2 p.m. EST.

The big game everyone has been waiting for is back! On Super Sunday, February 13, two deserving teams will brawl for the championship. There will be rompin’, there will be slobberin’, and players are sure to make fans everywhere say “oooo” and “aww” as they pounce their way to the end zone.

Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet

We’re not talking about the Superbowl. It’s the adorable pups and adoptable half-time kittens of the Puppy Bowl that make us swoon year after year.

That cute FetchaDate match you’ve swiped right on might already have plans for the Superbowl, but there’s good news: The Puppy Bowl airs before the game. Whether you’re Team Ruff or Team Fluff, or just here for the halftime show, we’ve got the tips for throwing this year’s best Puppy Bowl Party.

 Who to invite

Pup friends

What would a Puppy Bowl Party be without your favorite pups? Extend the guest list beyond your human pals to your dog’s best playmates—if your pup plays nice with others. Keep the doggie invites to a manageable number of dogs that your pup has played with previously. When it comes to cats, it’s probably best to leave your feline pals at home, unless there’s already a cat who has a catastic relationship with them already.

Where to host

Host the party at your house. (Be warned, we never said a dog party wasn’t messy!) Or, choose a neutral dog-friendly location with ample space for roughhousing. Team Fluff won the big game by a hair last year, scoring 63 doggie toy touchdowns over their opponents’ 59. There’s no saying how rambunctious your guests could become as commentators Steve Levy and Taylor Rooks give the play-by-play rundowns.

Find fun dog hangouts.

Wherever you choose, make sure there is water available, ample space for zoomies and a place for your guests to do their business. If you need some venue ideas, check out these fetching dog parks.

What to serve

Make your own pet-friendly refreshments, or pick up a special treat from your local pet store. We love these Puppy Bowl Peanut Butter Football Dog Treats that sound as delicious as they do nutritious. They are made up of peanut butter, oats, and Greek yogurt. Just check with guests for any allergies before whipping up the treats.

Barkley Doodles treats

Your two-legged guests will probably be hungry and thirsty too. It’s best to avoid foods that are toxic to dogs, or have human foods out of paws’ reach in a dog-free zone. Get in the spirit by choosing dog-themed refreshments like hot dogs and Lucky Labrador brews.

Don’t forget team pride

With 67 shelters across 33 states participating in 2022, it’s hard to choose a favorite team. Let’s face it. The 100-plus adoptable pups playing their hearts out are all winners in our book. But sports ball wouldn’t be sports ball without some team pride! Ask your two- and four-legged guests to come dressed in their favorite team colors—orange for Team Ruff and blue for Team Fluff.

Have a party tray, but keep it out of reach of pets.

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