While sparks are flying on the FetchaDate App, there’s another place where sparks are sure to fly: the dog park. Think about it. You are surrounded by like-minded pet lovers and already have a conversation starter: your pups who are hopefully playing together! Brush on up these dog park must-know tips before scoring your first dog park date!

Better yet, ask your FetchaDate match to join you and your pup for a dog park date! Who knows what kind of #OverheardintheDogPark stories you two will encounter?

Choosing the best dog park for your dog

While landing a date, or going on a first date to a dog park is fun, it’s most important to choose the right dog park for your WingPet. Since 2009, there has been a whopping 40% increase in the number of dog parks throughout the U.S., which means you and your pup have a lot to choose from!

Dogs playing in a fenced-in dog run

Is the park secure?

Make sure all the fencing around the dog park is sturdy and without rough edges. Bonus points if the park has a double gate at the entrance!

Size matters

A dog park that has separate areas for small dogs and big dogs will be safer and more fun for all!

Regular maintenance is a must

Miniature dachshund running playfully in a dog run.

Avoid dog parks that don’t have regular cleanup. This includes dog owners who clean up after their own pets, and city staff who keep trash and recycling bins cleaned as well.

The do’s and don’ts at dog parks

Now that you’ve scoped out the best dog park for your pup, it’s time to brush up on a little dog park etiquette. After all, don’t you want to impress your potential date with the most well-behaved and polite pup?

Do bring your own water

Mini-Chihuahua takes a drink from a portable water container.

Skip the communal water dish at your local dog park. While it’s convenient for your pup to quench their thirst at a communal bowl, they could be lapping up bacteria, viruses, or parasites. Instead, opt for a portable dog water bottle.

Do be attentive to your dog and others

While scoping out a date at the dog park can be distracting, it’s important to keep a close eye on your pup and others. Dog parks can be a hot spot for aggression, so it’s best to do your part to keep the peace.

Don’t bring toys from home

While Fido might be sad to part with his favorite ball for the afternoon, other dogs might consider the play as competition.

Do start a conversation

This is the easiest part of dating at the dog park! If you’ve already been using the FetchaDate App, then you know your WingPet is the best conversation starter out there. Start simple: Ask the WingPet’s name and how these two came together.

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