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More and more people are flocking to online dating sites to chat and match with like-minded singles. On FetchaDate, we know pets are the secret sauce to a successful relationship. That’s why we connect you with singles that love pets too!

So, you’re on FetchaDate and you know that you’re surrounded by other pet lovers. But now what?

Before meeting in real life (IRL), connecting over a video call provides a safe and low-key way to meet and connect. And thanks to the pandemic, pre-date video chats have become a norm in the dating world. So, suggest meeting up over video; your match will be glad for the invite and might even let their WingPet say hello!

As the Pet Lovers Matchmaker, I highly suggest ALL first dates be a virtual video call. Limit it to no more than 15 minutes, even if it’s going really well! Then set up a second date (virtual or in-person).

Review their profile before getting on camera so you can refresh yourself on what their interests are (and if they have a real or virtual pet).

But before you go on your first virtual date (or lucky number two), what should you talk about to see if there’s something there? Here are four tips for a fetching first connection.

Bring your smile and enthusiasm to a virtual first date.

1. Get camera ready

Before logging on, do a quick mirror check: teeth, hair, nose! Choose an outfit that you feel comfortable in and that represents who you are. If you’re carefree and casual, a T-shirt and jeans are just fine. If you’re stylish, dress to impress your match!

Before the date, turn on your camera and check your surroundings. Any overflowing laundry? Dirty dishes? Best to push those out of sight.

While it’s great for your WingPet to make an appearance, be ready with a backup plan if (s)he chooses to be the star of the show. Have a chew toy or other silent toy ready to distract and occupy them if needed.

Casual or dressed up, be yourself and have fun.

2. Conversation starter

We know video chatting can feel a little awkward. You’ve practically invited a stranger into your home and you are now locking eyes with them, up close and personal. Be ready for your first video chat with a few conversation starters.

Review their profile before getting on camera so you can refresh yourself on what their interests are and if they have a real or virtual pet.

As you review, was there something in particular in your match’s profile picture that made you swipe right? If something other than their WingPet caught your eye, say something about it to kick off a personalized conversation. This might have been a unique piece of jewelry, a book in the background, or a design on their shirt.

This is a chance to show off each other’s pets or other interests like handmade jewelry.

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If it was their WingPet that caught and kept your attention, you’re not alone. Two in five singles admit to swiping right on a profile because they wanted to hang out with the pet pictured. A WingPet is a great conversation starter to avoid fumbling through an awkward first hello.

3. Uh, maybe don’t say this

While it’s important to have conversation-starters in mind, it’s just as important to know which topics to avoid. Typically, politics, religion, and even sports are a no-go for first conversations. Although a common curiosity, it’s also best to avoid playing the numbers game.

What are those numbers? Avoid questions such as how long they’ve been single, how many dates they’ve gone on, and how many matches they’re messaging right now. While some members may not care, others (often women) may be sensitive about age queries. (FetchaDate is an 18+ app).  Even though the app lists an age, leave it there. If you were willing to chat, have a respectful chat.

A good numbers game: How many pets do you have? How old are they?

Keep first virtual dates no longer than 15 minutes. Keep the conversation light and fun.

4. Logging off

If you’ve had a great time on your virtual date, let your date know by suggesting to meet IRL or on another virtual date. But if things aren’t feeling like they’re clicking, you might be wondering how to politely end the date. This is why I suggest a 15-minute cap on all virtual dates, good or bad. It’s an agreement you both can have right upfront.

The key to ending a bad virtual date is to still mind your manners. You can mention the 15-minute limit is up. If you want it to end even sooner, simply say you have another obligation and can’t talk much longer. Taking your WingPet out for a walk is a great reason to nicely end the date. While the date isn’t in person, the “I have to feed my pet” excuse might work!

If they try to ask you out on another date, be honest and say you’re not feeling a connection. You may not be a perfect match with everyone, but be kind and wish them success on the app with someone else. Especially at a time when we’re all feeling isolated, no one wants to be ghosted.

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