Cat lovers seek to date, too!

The only thing millennials love as much as quitting their toxic jobs is hanging out with their pets. Maybe it’s finding more joy in their dog-walking jobs. Or, maybe it’s hanging out with one, two or three cats, and bragging about their pets on Instagram.

Unfortunately, the science doesn’t lie. When men are pictured with cats, it decreases date-ability compared to their canine counterparts. Also, women can still get a bad rep when it comes to owning multiple felines.

Guys do love cats, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

But cat people are out there. And judging by their cat paraphrenia, they aren’t afraid to flaunt their love for cats. They just needed an app to flaunt their love for cats and find human love. Enter: FetchaDate.


FetchaDate: The dating app for cat people and the dog-obsessed

It might seem like dog lovers get to have all the fun with cool new dog park bars and off-leash parks on every corner. But, my cat-loving friends, when it comes to online dating, dog lovers aren’t the only ones that get to swoon over like-minded matches.

FetchaDate is a niche dating site, where singles make the first impressions with their cat, dog, lizard, parrot, or virtual pet of their choosing. It’s no longer a guessing game if a date will crash and burn because you have a cat or three. On FetchaDate, the dating app for animal lovers, they swiped because you have a cat or a litter of kittens.

Cats can be playful too!

The app is free to join and create a profile, and chat with other pet-loving matches. In-app purchases help boost your profile, add more pets (real and/or virtual) and reach out to those who haven’t seen your profile yet. It’s not just the meaningful connections that make you feel warm and fuzzy—a portion of the paid membership is donated to animal shelters, rescue groups, and animal organizations.


The increase in cat ownership and other cat-centric trends

It’s no secret that dogs have led in popularity versus cats over the years. But things are changing. Cats are increasing in popularity, thanks to a cat owner’s inability to own just one cat. In fact, cats are leading in world domination … er, I mean, leading in popularity worldwide with 91 countries preferring cats compared to the 76 that prefer dogs.

Taking a cat break

How we spend time with cats is changing too. The first cat café popped up in Taiwan in the late ’90s. Almost 15 years later, the trend spread to the United States with cat cafés opening their doors in every city.

At a cat café, cat lovers everywhere can get their cat fix while sipping on a coffee. If they want to take home one of the cats residing in the café, they can do that too.

“I love being a mission-driven business and providing hospitality through quality food and beverage, along with the mission of caring for and finding permanent homes for cats,” said Helen Harris, co-owner of Purrington’s Cat Lounge in Portland, Oregon. “The combination of these two things is pretty unique, in my opinion.”


And in our opinion, we can’t think of a better time to be a cat lover looking for love! When your WingPet makes the first introduction, you don’t have to wonder if they’re a pet person too.