Want to get over your ex?

Experts say there are seven stages of a breakup, including desperation for answers, denial, and anger. No matter what stage your find yourself at on Valentine’s Day, you’re almost guaranteed to be swiping through sappy posts on your Instagram feed. On February 14th, be prepared to be slapped in the face with much-too-large bouquet pics too.

If you’re suffering from a serious case of the ex, Valentine’s Day could be a downer. FetchaDate isn’t here for that. We want you to delight yourself (and animals in need) with these unusual Valentine’s Day fundraisers.

1. Is your ex a piece of **it?

Emotional relief

The answer is an obvious yes. Now through Valentine’s Day, you can get the closure you’ve been seeking. For just $5, the SPCA of Brevard, Florida will write your ex’s name on the bottom of a litter box. Or, opt to have your ex’s name written on a fire hydrant, which will be placed in one of SPCA Brevard’s play yards where adoptable dogs will take turns doing their business.

2. Have an awful ex?

If (adoptable) cats and dogs urinating and defecating on your ex’s name just isn’t enough, the Associated Humane Societies of New Jersey has you covered. Sure, you can still put your ex’s name in a litterbox for $5. However, for $25, the Humane Societies will give a deserving puppy a picture of your ex to tear to shreds. Ahh, the sweet feeling of petty revenge and helping animals in need.

3. Cry me a cockroach

Is your ex a cockroach or a rat? Back by popular demand, the San Antonio Zoo is offering you the chance to name a cockroach, rodent, or vegetable before it’s gobbled up by one of their resident animals. While we highly suggest the name of your most cringy ex, the zoo also suggests your worst boss or a best friend gone wrong. The best part? The zoo will film the feeding and send you the video to cherish forever.

Serving up the ex!

4. Toss your ex to the wolves

T&D Cats of the World is dedicated to providing a home for abused or surrendered exotic and wild animals, and they want to “toss” your ex to their wolves. You may be heartbroken, but the momentary satisfaction of feeding your ex to wolves is sure to make you smile. For a $5 donation, a name of your choice will go on a tasty treat, and you can guess the rest.

Even the wolf can look sweet!

While hilarious and downright fun, “feeding” your ex to the wolves might not be the cure-all for your breakup blues. When it comes to feeling down, 85% of pet owners say their dog has helped them get through a difficult time in their life. But pets don’t just help you through the tough times; they prepare you to be an even better companion for the next relationship. So this Valentine’s Day, soak up that furry unconditional love and know that when you’re ready, your perfect dating match is just a swipe away on FetchaDate.

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