In my book Leashes and Lovers, I explore the secrets to relationship success—secrets that are influenced by the ball of fur at your feet. That’s right, your dog or cat is the secret to better relationships. But your pets don’t just help you sustain a great relationship; they help you land the first date!

These secrets are the foundation of FetchaDate, the dating app where pet lovers meet. Are you ready to learn more and have better, more successful relationships?

Your pet is the secret sauce!

The power of your WingPet

It probably comes as no surprise that your pet is a magnet for landing dates, but what is it about your pet that makes dating more successful?

When it comes to looking your best, a study of 1,000 Americans concluded that your pet might do you more good than a good hair day or a new outfit. Dogs increase the perception of their owner’s sexiness, as well as attractiveness, loyalty, and even intelligence! Specifically, men with puppies are off the charts; men are perceived as 24% sexier when holding a puppy.

A pet helps humans appear more attractive.

Dogs even increase the perception of the owner’s trustworthiness, which according to the Guardian, could be influenced by the “magical, calming effect” that pets have. When thinking about swiping right, seeing you with your pet can help reassure nervous online daters.

Pets help you seem like life of the party

In another study, a man asked 240 women for their phone numbers—half with his WingPet by his side and half without. With his pup by his side, he landed three times the amount of phone numbers than without! After social isolation and the wave of social anxiety COVID-19 brought, a WingPet is the perfect conversation starter to avoid fumbling through an awkward first hello.

Take the story of Tom and Max. Tom is shy and wouldn’t typically be inclined to spark a conversation on his own. But his dog, Max, does all the talking that Tom wants to do! When I asked Tom how small, white, adorable, fluffy Max impacted his relationships with other people, he said, “Everybody wants to meet Max more than they want to meet me. He’s very loving; he’s always nice to all the dogs, and I have to make sure they’re nice to him.”

Who can resist?

Tom’s attractive dog gains him attention. More than that, Max’s outgoing personality speaks when Tom is shy, offering him the opportunity to network with more people than he ever would on his own. Through Max, he instantly and easily became approachable, which diffused the pressure on him to take action in starting a conversation.

Dogfishing—how not to date

Singles have caught on to this little secret: Having a pet equals landing a date. In fact, 39% of people admit to borrowing their friend’s pet for their dating profile picture, a term coined as dogfishing. While two in five singles admitted to swiping right on a profile because they wanted to hang out with the pet pictured, it’s no surprise that over half were not happy to find out that their date didn’t actually own a pet. So, while some singles go as far as borrowing a friend’s pet to land a date, FetchaDate had other ideas.

No Pet, No Problem. Feature your real pet or pick a virtual one in the app that still represents your style.

We know that people are looking for dating profiles that incorporate pets in online dating. On the FetchaDate app, sign-up includes a photo of your real pet or a virtual pet—no more borrowing your friend’s WingPet! With the confidence of looking sexier with your WingPet by your side, connect with like-minded singles, and even meet up for a pet-friendly date!