Wine, dogs, and love might just be the best things in life. So, why not combine them all on one hot summer outing or date?

I’m no beginner when it comes to wine, dogs, and love. I held events for dog owners called “Beach and Vine” in the upscale Hamptons. Before cooling down over a glass of vino, the event started at a dog-friendly beach.

Once the pups were sufficiently exhausted, we shuttled to pet-friendly venues to connect over a glass—or a few—of wine.

Follow these tips for a fetching time. Cheers!

A tired dog is a good dog

We don’t all have access to a dog-friendly beach to romp around on before heading to the vineyard—and that’s OK. However, it is important your WingPet has an opportunity to burn some energy and do their business before settling down. Before you and your date start sipping vino, take your pup for a walk around a vineyard, the town, or your neighborhood.

Bring snacks

Not all wineries serve food, but they may allow you to bring your own picnic. Nothing goes better with wine than a picnic basket of cheese, chocolate, and fruit. Pack dog-friendly fruits like sliced apples, blackberries, and blueberries for your WingPet. A baggie of their food is always a good idea in case your tasting runs long. Lastly, don’t forget your pup’s collapsible water dish for easy storage and placement.

Find a pet-friendly winery

Before you grab your pup and your date, be sure that the winery is dog-friendly. When in doubt, call the winery before heading out. And, if your WingPet doesn’t always play nice, they may need to stay at home during this outing.

But don’t despair. There are many dog-friendly wineries! Some only allow your pets to play outdoors while others allow well-behaved pets inside the tasting room.

A few wineries, such as Keeler Estate Vineyard located in Amity, Oregon go the extra mile. Not only do they welcome your four-legged third wheel, but they also offer a wine club membership add-on just for your pup, with a portion of each membership going toward a local shelter! Other wineries offer “yappy hour,” boasting a bottle or tasting discount if your pup joins you for a tasting. Kunde Family Winery located in Kenwood, California offers a dog hike, ending in a wine tasting and picnic lunch alongside your pup.

Get creative!

If tasting at a vineyard isn’t an option, bring the vineyard to you. A wine-tasting date at home can be just as romantic as a winery—plus you know it’s pet-approved. Low-key and lost-cost, choose a theme for your tasting. Selecting wines from one particular region, winemaker, or varietal by year is a great idea. Swap tasting notes with your date, even if you have no idea what you’re talking about.

When my friends and I taste wine together, the more ridiculous the notes, the more fun! And if you’ve stocked up on pet-friendly wine, champagne, or beer, your pet can join in on the wine-tasting extravaganza, too.

Does a wine-tasting, pet-friendly date intrigue you? What are you waiting for? Download FetchaDate today, and get ready for your first WingPet date!