Desiree Simone, who has been “breaking hearts and bottles of tequila since 2011,” gives the scoop on FetchaDate. A simple tweet from @FetchaDateApp crossed her social media path and made her say “Why didn’t I think of that first?” In this post, she talks about how FetchaDate came to be.

Sometimes the internet wins by pairing you with just the right content. I’m not talking about the heartwarming military homecomings or the kids who accidentally swear in front of their grandparents. Although if you send those to me, I will always watch them and laugh. No, I’m talking about something that crosses your social media path and makes you say “Why didn’t I think of that first?” For me, that was meeting Sheryl Matthys, the Founder of FetchaDate.

After a few tweets back and forth, I asked Sheryl if I could interview her because I thought her app was brilliant. FetchaDate pairs singles with other like-minded individuals who love their pets. You can either have a pet or be in between pets. And it’s not just for cats and dogs, any pet is accepted. The gerbil, the hamster, the cute and cuddly python. Is that a thing? Well for another python owner, it is! FetchaDate acts like other dating apps, where you create a profile, and matches can be found based on age, gender, and geography. But what sets it apart from other dating apps is having your pet be the focal point and acting as your…wait for cuteness…WINGPET!

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