Cat Lovers Find Fellow Feline Lovers On This Dating App

Cat lovers seek to date, too! The only thing millennials love as much as quitting their toxic jobs is hanging out with their pets. Maybe it’s finding more joy in their dog-walking jobs. Or, maybe it’s hanging out with one, two or three cats, and bragging about their pets on Instagram. Unfortunately, the science doesn’t […]

Date Like Dogs and Cats: A Lesson In Love

Contrary to the stereotype, cats and dogs don’t all hate each other. If they’ve been socialized around each other early on or if you take just the right steps, your four-legged companions can all live in harmony. In fact, you might learn a thing or two for dating from a successful cat-dog relationship. Here’s what […]

Five Ways Your Cat Shows Affection

Does my cat love me? Many believe dogs are man’s best friend while cats are aloof. Despite common stereotypes and your cat’s facade of being an independent lioness, cats are actually strongly bonded to their human caregivers. According to a recent study, humans have been underestimating the secure attachments our feline friends form with us. […]

What’s the Deal with “Crazy Cat Lady”?

Why is the single lady with cats “crazy”? First, let’s do a quick overview of the “crazy cat lady” stereotype: single lady, middle-aged to senior, hoarder wearing a robe with disheveled hair. I’m struggling with the amount of qualifying cats that make someone a crazy cat lady. Photos on the internet tell me at least […]

Cat Dads Are Sexy Too

To cat lovers, cats are mysterious and intriguing. To those unfamiliar, cats can seem secretive, independent, snooty, and even a bit scary. Some of those attributes may unfairly transcend to the owner’s personality. Without legitimate reason, men and women are labeled the “Effeminate Cat Guy” and “Crazy Cat Lady.” But why is there such a stigma […]

Cats, Dogs, and Dates

You hit the jackpot. You found someone on the FetchaDate app who’s a fellow pet lover. You swiped right on their virtual pet, and you found yourself interested in the owner too. You’re a great match and enjoy many of the same activities. It’s official. You’ve both decided to go on a date. Then you […]

A Pet Lovers Date to a Cat Café

Dating can be rough but made easier when you know you already have a fundamental aspect in common: You’re both pet lovers. You’ve swiped right on each other on FetchaDate, had a chat and now are ready to meet in person. Are you not quite ready you should bring your pets? Well, here’s a new […]