Date Like Dogs and Cats: A Lesson In Love

Contrary to the stereotype, cats and dogs don’t all hate each other. If they’ve been socialized around each other early on or if you take just the right steps, your four-legged companions can all live in harmony. In fact, you might learn a thing or two for dating from a successful cat-dog relationship. Here’s what […]

A Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating

How To Date a Pet Lover! So you found a potential date on the FetchaDate app, and you’re ready to invite your WingPet on the date. Will she sniff out if your date is a keeper? As the pet lovers matchmaker, I’ve interviewed hundreds of women who’ve all said to me, “If their date doesn’t […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Dog Parks

  While sparks are flying on the FetchaDate App, there’s another place where sparks are sure to fly: the dog park. Think about it. You are surrounded by like-minded pet lovers and already have a conversation starter: your pups who are hopefully playing together! Brush on up these dog park must-know tips before scoring your […]

Indiana’s Own ‘Local Matters’ Interviews FetchaDate Founder

Featured on Local Matters: Sheryl Matthys, FetchaDate On this episode of Local Matters, Mel McMahon chats with FetchaDate founder Sheryl Matthys about the new dating app years in the making, what makes her app unique, and the importance of finding the right team to get the job done.

Fetching Dates

Fetching dates and new friendships with your dog:  “How your dog can influence your relationships” The Big Bark dog podcast is Ireland’s Number 1 dog-related podcast. With new episodes each week, Darragh and his trusty sidekick pups Bruno and Milly bring you the latest news from the canine world with the biggest interviews with […]

BarkCast – Puppy Love

BarkCast – Podcast – Puppy Love Imagine the scene. You’ve met someone new, started a new relationship, and it’s been going great. They’re fabulous. You click. You’re amazing together. But then it happens: You find out they like cats. So how do we handle that situation where we’re not only trying our own new relationship […]

The Best Dating Websites and Apps for Dog Lovers

Finding love (or even just a date!) courtesy of your canine cupid So you’ve tried regular dating sites like Plenty of Fish and, and eyed doggie parks looking for the perfect match. However, you’ve had ruff luck. It’s not easy to find a soul mate who is also compatible with your dog—or maybe your […]

Cats, Dogs, and Dates

You hit the jackpot. You found someone on the FetchaDate app who’s a fellow pet lover. You swiped right on their virtual pet, and you found yourself interested in the owner too. You’re a great match and enjoy many of the same activities. It’s official. You’ve both decided to go on a date. Then you […]

How to Make your Online Dating Profile Stand Out

Online dating is becoming even more popular, especially during COVID-19. According to Pew Research, 48% of 18-29-year-olds say they’ve used a dating site or app. The good news is the majority of online daters say it’s at least somewhat easy to find potentially compatible partners. So with more people flocking to online dating, here are […]

Let Your WingPet Break the Ice On Your First Date

Bringing your WingPet along on your first date is a fun, surefire way to help you two connect. Check out these three pet-friendly, first-date ideas. As a dog-loving matchmaker, I’ve interviewed hundreds of women who’ve all have said to me, “If their date doesn’t like their pet, there will not be a second date.” It’s […]

Can You ‘Change’ Your Partner: The Non-Pet Lover?

Shamontiel, who thought dogs were stupid, protested her mom bringing one home. She grew up to be a professional dog walker, dog caregiver and pet blogger. Sheryl met a man who cringed around puppies. He married a professional dog trainer and now has three dogs. People change. Dog lovers happen. Read Part 2 of 2.

Single, Dogs Welcome, Parents Need Not Apply

Maya Angelou says: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” But if we followed that advice when looking at someone’s online dating profile, would we ever meet them in person? And how do you navigate dating when you want pets but no kids? Read on for Part 1 of 2.

Mobile App Helps Pet-Loving Singles Find Love

Pet lovers have an interesting time dating. There’s the guy (or girl) who lies about liking or owning dogs. There’s the person who wants kids more than pets. There’s the cat versus dog debate. Sheryl takes on all of these challenges with FetchaDate. Read on to find out how.