Could Your Love Life Use a Spring Cleaning?

If your love life is feeling dull, stuffy, or just needs some refreshing, it might be time for a spring cleaning. Psychotherapist and relationship counselor Mary Jo Rapini, M.Ed, LPC has five tips that she believes everyone should do to breathe new life into their love life—from established couples to singles looking for the real thing. […]

A Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating

How To Date a Pet Lover! So you found a potential date on the FetchaDate app, and you’re ready to invite your WingPet on the date. Will she sniff out if your date is a keeper? As the pet lovers matchmaker, I’ve interviewed hundreds of women who’ve all said to me, “If their date doesn’t […]

What To Get Your New Date and Their Pet for the Holidays

Gift ideas for your pet-loving date and their WingPet We’re happy to see you found a match on FetchaDate. You went on your first, fourth, and even seventh date—and it seems like the dates just might continue through the holidays. That’s when you start to question, do I buy them a gift? It’s a tricky […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Dog Parks

  While sparks are flying on the FetchaDate App, there’s another place where sparks are sure to fly: the dog park. Think about it. You are surrounded by like-minded pet lovers and already have a conversation starter: your pups who are hopefully playing together! Brush on up these dog park must-know tips before scoring your […]

6 Dog-Friendly Breweries for Your Next Pet-Friendly Date

Get brewed on your next pet-friendly date! It doesn’t get much better than sharing a brew with someone special and your WingPet™! We’ve scoured the internet, and we’ve found the best dog-friendly breweries. From the east coast to the west coast, and every town in between, start swiping because you’re going to want a dog-friendly […]

4 Tips for a Fetching 1st Virtual Date

Fetch – Match – Date! More and more people are flocking to online dating sites to chat and match with like-minded singles. On FetchaDate, we know pets are the secret sauce to a successful relationship. That’s why we connect you with singles that love pets too! So, you’re on FetchaDate and you know that you’re […]

Wine Down With Your WingPet

Wine, dogs, and love might just be the best things in life. So, why not combine them all on one hot summer outing or date? I’m no beginner when it comes to wine, dogs, and love. I held events for dog owners called “Beach and Vine” in the upscale Hamptons. Before cooling down over a […]

5 Tips for Hiking with your Pet on a Date

Are you wondering what to do on your ne­xt, fun date? Hiking can be a date idea. And if you’re in your early dating stage, including your pet (especially your dog) is a way to see how your pet reacts with your date. This is also a good time to filter out the kind of […]