Can Pets Save Your Relationship?

Talking things out and getting guidance from a neutral third party is a healthy way to build a better relationship with yourself and others—and is undoubtedly true for romantic relationships. Professionals have dubbed this helpful voice of reason as the “third” in a relationship. Typically, a therapist would fill this role. But experts are asking […]

The Winter Blues May Affect Your Pet Too

  Gone are the long summer nights and hot days frolicking at the dog park. In their place are cozy nights in, basking in the heat of the fireplace. Or, as others see it, short days with little sunlight and frigid weather that makes it almost unbearable to walk your pooch, let alone get out […]

Separation Anxiety from Your Pet After COVID-19

As the world begins to open again and in-person dating doesn’t feel so scary, something else might: leaving your pet. Life during COVID-19 Many pets have been living their very best lives during COVID-19. They have become the star of Zoom work meetings, workouts, walks at all times of the day, and revel in the […]

How Pets Get You Through Tough Times

Pets are an important part of our emotional well-being. Even in social isolation, they bring out as much of the social side in us humans as we do while socializing them. They connect us with the world around us, from our own homes to dog parks, even on days that we don’t think we have […]

Limited Beliefs Holding You Back From Love?

The path to finding “the one” can be the equivalent of a dog trying to get comfy in its bed. It winds through first dates, last dates, the love-drunk infatuation that comes with the beginnings of a relationship, and the heart-crushing acceptance that comes with the endings of one. These experiences help us learn more […]

Attracting the Right Partner, Especially a Pet Person

“I’m so over dating!” “I’m never going to meet the one.” How many times have you heard a friend, or yourself, exasperatedly moan one of the above statements? If so, you’re not alone. Actually more than half (51%) of Americans between the ages of 18-34 don’t have a romantic partner, and most single adults say […]