15 Kisses To Find ‘The One’

If someone were to ask me, “How many dates have you been on?” I’m not sure I’d be able to answer correctly. Even with a pen and paper, I might be able to provide a ballpark figure. But if someone were to ask me, “How many people have you dated in the online dating world?” […]

Pets in Online Dating Profiles? Swipe Right!

Reasons You Should Have a Dog or Cat in Your Profile Photo There are a lot of choices when it comes to today’s dating pool, especially online. But unlike other online dating apps that focus on human profile pics, at FetchaDate, your WingPet makes your first dating app introductions. Here’s why this idea works. Sixty-three […]

4 Tips to Score a 2nd Date With a Pet Lover

  Do you think you’ve mastered dating? There are 31% of singles who think they have, and they’ve coined their skill as gambiting. For the other 69% who aren’t all that confident in getting date number two, FetchaDate is here to help! Four quick dating tips 1. Location, location, location Unless you’ve had in-depth conversions […]

Date Like Dogs and Cats: A Lesson In Love

Contrary to the stereotype, cats and dogs don’t all hate each other. If they’ve been socialized around each other early on or if you take just the right steps, your four-legged companions can all live in harmony. In fact, you might learn a thing or two for dating from a successful cat-dog relationship. Here’s what […]

FetchaDate: Behind the Scenes of How the Dating App Started

There’s a handful of dating apps out there that promise to find you love merely based on your location or your love of pizza. (Who doesn’t like pizza?) But now there is a new kind of dating app—designed by pet lovers for pet lovers. If you’ve ever wondered what went into creating FetchaDate, a dating […]

Pet Lovers, That’s Our Dating Type!

When it comes to dating, what does it mean to have “a type” and do people really have one? Scientists say “yes,” but how we develop our “type”? You might be surprised about how we can use it to better our relationships. Dating Types and Life Events A study put the saying “beauty is in […]

A Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating

How To Date a Pet Lover! So you found a potential date on the FetchaDate app, and you’re ready to invite your WingPet on the date. Will she sniff out if your date is a keeper? As the pet lovers matchmaker, I’ve interviewed hundreds of women who’ve all said to me, “If their date doesn’t […]

Using Your Pet Pics All Wrong

Imagine hanging out with a vegan at a steakhouse restaurant. Picture yourself sitting in a church pew with an atheist. Envision yourself planning a wedding for someone who thinks marriage is a bad idea. Invite someone to a kids’ birthday party who is annoyed by children. All four of these people could be fun to […]

BarkCast – Puppy Love

BarkCast – Podcast – Puppy Love Imagine the scene. You’ve met someone new, started a new relationship, and it’s been going great. They’re fabulous. You click. You’re amazing together. But then it happens: You find out they like cats. So how do we handle that situation where we’re not only trying our own new relationship […]

The Best Dating Websites and Apps for Dog Lovers

Finding love (or even just a date!) courtesy of your canine cupid So you’ve tried regular dating sites like Plenty of Fish and Match.com, and eyed doggie parks looking for the perfect match. However, you’ve had ruff luck. It’s not easy to find a soul mate who is also compatible with your dog—or maybe your […]

4 Tips for a Fetching 1st Virtual Date

Fetch – Match – Date! More and more people are flocking to online dating sites to chat and match with like-minded singles. On FetchaDate, we know pets are the secret sauce to a successful relationship. That’s why we connect you with singles that love pets too! So, you’re on FetchaDate and you know that you’re […]

Pet-Friendly Fall Date Ideas

Fun things to do on a date with pets Turn up the heat on your go-to pumpkin spiced latte date with these fresh fall date ideas! Whether your summer fling has lasted another season or you’re planning the perfect first date, here are five date ideas for a day of adventure or for your weekend […]

The Science Behind a Pet in Your Profile

In my book Leashes and Lovers, I explore the secrets to relationship success—secrets that are influenced by the ball of fur at your feet. That’s right, your dog or cat is the secret to better relationships. But your pets don’t just help you sustain a great relationship; they help you land the first date! These […]

Adopt a Pet: Good Idea to Find and Keep a Relationship?

In March of 2020, the national rescue dog adoption rate was a stunning 58%. By the end of that same month, adoption rates soared to 85%! It’s no surprise that couples and singles alike are flocking to shelters and adoption events. Pets are downright good for our health. They make us happier, get us out […]

Dating App Profile Picture Tips

After a long year of quarantine and needing to be tested before even touching another human being, singles are ready to mingle like never before! Are you ready for this Hot Vax Summer? More than ever, people are flocking to online dating. We’re thrilled about that. And pets are showing up in singles’ online dating […]

How to Survive Working from Home With Your Pets and Your Partner

In the wake of COVID-19, couples who live together may be facing a whole new set of challenges. Some of us have crippling separation anxiety from the thought of going back to the office and leaving our pets at home. Others are preparing to work-from-home long-term, wishing they had an office to escape back to. […]

Separation Anxiety from Your Pet After COVID-19

As the world begins to open again and in-person dating doesn’t feel so scary, something else might: leaving your pet. Life during COVID-19 Many pets have been living their very best lives during COVID-19. They have become the star of Zoom work meetings, workouts, walks at all times of the day, and revel in the […]

Online Dating and Friendship Pacing

Imagine telling Cupid right before he strikes the arrow that you’re just looking for “new friends,” “hookups,” or “short-term dating.” No one can control the way a relationship works out for those two people, but is it not peculiar to tell the “god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection” that you’re just “meh” when […]

Secret Rules of Dating a Pet Owner

Does your pet choose your date for you? For many, they’ll agree that’s what happens. When Jessica of New York was asked to go on a date, she already had plans that evening to celebrate her dog Fidel’s birthday, cake included. She told her potential date she was busy with her dog’s festivity, then invited […]

DTR: Where Is Your Relationship Headed?

So you’ve matched with that cutie on FetchaDate? You went on your first, fourth, and even seventh date—not that you were counting! You’ve even introduced them in person to your pet, and they get along. The more time you spend together, the more things about them you like. Then, one day as you’re gazing at […]