Finding the right person online for pet lovers just got easier

FetchaDate helping single pet lovers find love at their end of the leash in this Indy Now segment on Fox 59.

INDIANAPOLIS – August is National Dog Month, and if you’re a dog owner looking for love, finding the right person for you just got easier! FetchaDate is an online dating app where singles connect over what they already love: their pets!

Why an app geared for pet lovers?

There are 36 million single pet owners in the U.S. for use online dating. Market-leading online dating apps connect people based on superficial interests. FetchaDate connects people over what they already love and the desire for a meaningful relationship. Your pet says a lot about you!

How does FetchaDate work?

FetchaDate is unique because the pet serves as a “wing pet” and is seen first in the search. The pet leaves clues and reveals the owner behind the pet. FetchaDate search is “gamified”. One pet is seen first making the introduction. Users can swipe right to see if they are possibly a match, scroll up to see clues about the person from their pet, or tap on the blurred image to see the owner behind the pet and choose to swipe right or left.

Is the app just for singles or can any pet lover join themselves or their pet too?

Some people may be between pets at the moment. So, “No Pet, No Problem”! Users can choose a variety of provided pet avatars that represent their lifestyle! This app is ideal for singles but there are options for friends and/or pet playdates.

Where can you sign up for the app and start finding love?

All pet lovers are welcome to create their free profiles. FetchaDate is available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.