Secret to Fresh Breath Smooches from Your Pet

Wouldn’t it be great if pets could brush their own teeth! How often do you brush your pets teeth? They actually need it daily. Dental hygiene isn’t just for humans There is nothing worse than going in for a first kiss, then BAM! Your date’s bad breath hits you like a ton of bricks. While […]

Niche Dating Sites Are Helping People Find Love In The Most Unique Ways

Dating apps Dating Apps that focus on individual passions are rising in popularity, one of the most unique being FetchaDate, a dating service used for pet-owners to find love. There are currently over 8,000 dating sites operating around the world. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused them to see a massive increase in user traffic. However, […]

Dogs Sniffing and Detecting Coronavirus in People

The evolution of COVID-19 testing has changed rapidly since the pandemic began. However, animals may be able to identify an effective way to reduce the spread. How? Detection by canine. Canine COVID-19 detection is reportedly effective. Some field tests are even yielding results of up to 94% accuracy. The dogs are trained using actual samples […]

Let Your WingPet Break the Ice On Your First Date

Bringing your WingPet along on your first date is a fun, surefire way to help you two connect. Check out these three pet-friendly, first-date ideas. As a dog-loving matchmaker, I’ve interviewed hundreds of women who’ve all have said to me, “If their date doesn’t like their pet, there will not be a second date.” It’s […]

Can You ‘Change’ Your Partner: The Non-Pet Lover?

Shamontiel, who thought dogs were stupid, protested her mom bringing one home. She grew up to be a professional dog walker, dog caregiver and pet blogger. Sheryl met a man who cringed around puppies. He married a professional dog trainer and now has three dogs. People change. Dog lovers happen. Read Part 2 of 2.

Single, Dogs Welcome, Parents Need Not Apply

Maya Angelou says: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” But if we followed that advice when looking at someone’s online dating profile, would we ever meet them in person? And how do you navigate dating when you want pets but no kids? Read on for Part 1 of 2.

Mobile App Helps Pet-Loving Singles Find Love

Pet lovers have an interesting time dating. There’s the guy (or girl) who lies about liking or owning dogs. There’s the person who wants kids more than pets. There’s the cat versus dog debate. Sheryl takes on all of these challenges with FetchaDate. Read on to find out how.

Older Pets Make Great Covid Companions Too!

According to Nielsen, dog diaper sales have increased to $24 million from March to Aug. 15, up 202% from the same period last year. But while more people are adopting puppies and house training, can we show a little love to adult dogs, too? Adult dogs are fantastic to adopt. The mature dog can also […]

Finding Out Your Dog’s DNA

Crossbreeds can make some of the most gorgeous dogs. The downside is with those two breeds coming together, that’s double the risks of potential breed-dominant disorders and diseases. Whether you have a purebred dog or a mutt, you should be aware of common conditions that may affect your dog from puppyhood to senior age. Additionally, […]

Don’t Skimp on Quality to Save a Few Bucks on Dog Food

As wonderful as pets are, they’re also pretty expensive. Acorns reports that pet owners spent $36.9 billion to feed their pets in 2019, nearly double what they spent in 2009. Veterinary care, the second biggest annual expense, costs owners an average of $29.3 billion. While humans are closer than ever with their pets and want […]