If you’re asking yourself where and how to meet a fellow pet lover, you’ve come to the right place. You might have tried other dating apps or sparked conversations in real life, but nothing seems to stick.

The problem is you might be doing dating wrong. The secret? Connecting with eligible pet lovers over a mutual love for pets—and you can do that right here on FetchaDate.

On FetchaDate, they surely love pets!

When you’re single and looking for love (or a spring fling), going on a dating app can feel overwhelming. But on FetchaDate, we’ve done the hard work for you. You’ll only be swiping through matches that are open to a pet as part of the package deal and at the very least primed to “like” your pet. When your WingPet makes the first introduction, the rest will fall into place.

Is it possible to find love through my pet?

Absolutely! We’d love to help you find your pet-loving match. Pet adoption rates are at their highest, and it turns out, you’re not the only one actively looking for pets in online dating profiles. Pets ease nerves; increase playfulness; and can send a potent message to others about who you are, what you deem important, and even how you choose to enjoy your spare time. Pets, it seems, aren’t just the key to finding a relationship; they’re the key to finding the right relationship.

How do I find love through my pet?

To meet fellow pet lovers, you need to put yourself in a space with fellow pet lovers. Somewhere like a dog park might come to mind, but you have no idea who is single or if they’re looking for a relationship. When you join FetchaDate, the dating app for pet lovers, you’ll be introduced to WingPet lovers seeking love.

Dog parks and community walk trails make for a great hangout.

Your first impression of potential matches will be with their cat, dog, lizard, or virtual pet of their choosing. Long gone are the days of wondering if date three is too early or too late to say you have a cat or three, an exotic lizard, or a slobbery pup. The best part of matching on FetchaDate is that a portion of the paid membership is donated to animal shelters, rescue groups, and animal organizations.

Pet friendly events

How to date with your WingPet

You’ve downloaded FetchaDate, swiped right, and found a match. Now what? Because you’ve swiped right on a fellow pet lover, you know you share a favorite pastime: Spending time with pets. Your first date doesn’t always need to include your pet, but it’s always a fun idea to ask if they could join and seek out the newest pet-friendly spot in town. No pup? No problem. Fun spots like cat cafes are popping up across the U.S. and are a great first-date location!
The secret to finding love through your pet is in your hands. Download the FetchaDate app and start swiping.

Cat Cafes are growing even more popular

There are enough other obstacles to get through in the dating world. Join a pet lovers’ site where your WingPet makes the first introduction.

Download FetchaDate today and start swiping.