Do you and your WingPet have first-date jitters? Experts say cannabidiol (CBD) could help.

We’re all a little rusty when it comes to in-person dating after years of social isolation. It also comes as no surprise that the occurrence of social anxiety is on a steady rise, no thanks to the pandemic. If the thought of dating makes you anxious, know that you’re not alone.

But, experts say, there might be an easy fix for your first-date anxiety—and it doesn’t require a one-on-one with your therapist or a script from your doc (in many states). If your WingPet shares your first-date jitters, there’s even a pet-friendly version for him. Here’s the scoop on CBD for pets and people, and how it’s being used to alleviate social anxiety and make dating fun again.

What is CBD?

CBD is a compound derived from the hemp plant. CBD is also an ingredient in cannabis, or marijuana. But CBD on its own presents differently than the recreational drug.

The 40th WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD) suggested that “pure cannabidiol (CBD) not be placed under international drug control as the substance was not found to have psychoactive properties, and presents no potential for abuse or dependence” the way recreational drugs do.

CBD is also safe for pets, but it’s recommended to stick with pet-friendly products specially for your furry friend. The main difference you’ll find are the recommended dosing, concentration, and pet-friendly flavors like bacon or tuna. Some human CBD products may contain a low dose of tetracycline hydrochloride (TCH), which is toxic to pets. The best place to buy CBD products for your WingPet is at their favorite pet store.

Benefits of CBD for humans—and their pets

Scientists say that CBD and CBD products have shown success in alleviating mental health conditions, namely social anxiety disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and insomnia. The best part: CBD can do more than boost your ability to nail small talk on the first date. While there seems to be a lot of room for research, some studies suggest that CBD can boost sexual performance.

Cannabidiol benefits for pets and humans

As for the benefits of CBD on pets, the list is pretty long and includes being a go-to for pet parents with aging or anxious fur kids. Here’s what GoodRx has to say:

  • CBD may help pets with conditions like anxiety, chronic pain, and seizures, according to their early research.
  • If a veterinarian recommends CBD, you should avoid products with problematic ingredients (ex. artificial sweeteners). Follow dosing recommendations closely, too.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask a veterinarian about the downfalls and upsides, although there haven’t been many pet studies on CBD.

Is CDB legal in all states?

CBD for humans and pets is legal in all 50 states. There are a few minor requirements for human CBD though. In some states, only FDA-approved CBD products are legal.

Epidiolex, which contains CBD, is the first cannabis-derived-medicine approved by the FDA. So, you’ll need to ask your doctor if Epidolex could help relieve your social anxiety.

Pets and CBD may help relieve anxiety and stress.

If you’re feeling anxious about a date, CBD doesn’t have to be your first go-to. WingPets are proven to also reduce stress, make people happier, and are the perfect icebreaker for any conversation. But if you or your pet needs a boost, CBD might do the trick.

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