Pets are an important part of our emotional well-being. Even in social isolation, they bring out as much of the social side in us humans as we do while socializing them. They connect us with the world around us, from our own homes to dog parks, even on days that we don’t think we have anything to say to others.

They drag us out of bed on difficult mornings to fill their bowls and go for a walk. In fact, nearly four in five survey takers from a Bark Box study say it’s easier to wake up in the morning because their dog greets them.

But most of all, pets provide us with unconditional love.

Whether getting through a breakup, experiencing loss or just trying to make it through a global pandemic, pets have our backs.


While you might be feeling alone after a breakup, your pet is a stable relationship you can count on. No matter how ragged your sweats are or the days since you’ve washed your hair, your pet will never be too embarrassed to join you for a play date.

A case in point is Phoebe Fox sharing her story with Elite Daily about her rescue pup Brinks.

“Suddenly, I was single,” she said. “But for the first time after a breakup, I wasn’t alone. This time, I had a creature who needed me, who loved me wholly and completely … Brinks turned my ‘me’ into a ‘we.’ Suddenly, I wasn’t just a single girl alone; we were a family, a household.”

Your bed won’t feel emptier after a breakup; it’s just filled with pet hair and a furry companion to cuddle.

A listening ear

When you feel as though no one else will understand, you know your pet is there, ready to listen to your woes. And it’s comforting to know they won’t blab all over town about what you had to get off your chest. Talking to your pet is like writing in your journal if it had a warm head to lean on.

One in four owners reported that they told their pet a secret they never shared with anyone else. They’ll never accidentally let the heartbreaker’s name slip in conversation or judge your garbled sentences between spoonfuls of ice cream. They may recognize your sadness so much that they whine right along with you and lick away your tears.

Furry distraction

Pets are family. They’re fun. However, they also require constant attention, care, and exercise. During a time of grief, playing Fetch or tending to pet caregiving tasks can be soothing and give your mind a break. Suddenly, your pup’s bath time doesn’t feel like a chore. It’s a special moment with your BFF that transports you away from whatever else you had on your mind.

Moving on

On par with therapists, it’s easy to see why 85% of owners say their dog has helped them get through a difficult time in their life. But pets don’t just help you through the tough times; they prepare you to be an even better companion for the next relationship. About half of the survey takers said their dog has made them more patient, responsible, and affectionate.

In my book “Leashes and Lovers,” I reflect on how your dog is ready to help you find what you’re seeking. What you seek in a date or a mate is right there in front of you in the traits and qualities you sought in a dog. It comes full circle. Your dog, in turn, ends up guiding you as to who is the right one for you based on those same attributes.

In moving on, our pets help us because they handle things a little differently than we do; there are no politics, airs, or concessions. Certainly, there is the marking of territory and the assignation of roles—alpha dog, playmate, etc.—but dogs instinctively know where they’re wanted and where they’re not, and, what’s more, who will be the most fun to hang out with.

A dog will just walk up to a group of other dogs hanging out and start to mingle, and meet and greet. Why not us? I’m not talking extremes like approaching anyone and everyone. However, haven’t there been times you’ve wanted to join in on what appeared to be an interesting group or conversation, but you held back because you weren’t asked or didn’t feel adequate?

Start line is here and now

Your dog doesn’t wait for an invitation or a date but tries an approach out to see if it’s right. Dogs don’t care about looks, religion, culture, money, fame, hair and skin color, or even weight; when two dogs click, good luck separating them.

As for Phoebe and Brinks, when Phoebe was ready to date again, Brinks was there for the ultimate test. One night while Phoebe’s new boyfriend thought she was sleeping, through slitted, eyes she watched him interact with Brinks. Twelve years later, they are married and Brinks was the best dog at their wedding.

Are you ready for the furry companion who has seen you through it all to connect you to a human companion?

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