7 Ways to Comfort Someone Who Has Lost a Pet

Losing a furry best friend is never easy. Here’s how you can help. After a long, happy life together, it’s hard to imagine saying goodbye to your pet. When a friend, family member, or love interest is faced with this difficult time, it’s understandable to not know what to say. Below are some ways that […]

Can CBD Alleviate Dating Anxiety for Dog Lovers?

Do you and your WingPet have first-date jitters? Experts say cannabidiol (CBD) could help. We’re all a little rusty when it comes to in-person dating after years of social isolation. It also comes as no surprise that the occurrence of social anxiety is on a steady rise, no thanks to the pandemic. If the thought […]

How Do You Meet Single Pet Lovers?

If you’re asking yourself where and how to meet a fellow pet lover, you’ve come to the right place. You might have tried other dating apps or sparked conversations in real life, but nothing seems to stick. The problem is you might be doing dating wrong. The secret? Connecting with eligible pet lovers over a […]

He Liked Me, But I Liked His Friend

Two friends and I were plotting on how we were going to spend New Year’s Eve. We’d narrowed it down to a couple of clubs and got ready to go. Our hair was done. Our outfits were carefully chosen. We were ready to hit the Chicago streets and enjoy ourselves. Shortly after arriving at the […]

Is the ‘Silly Face’ Photo Needed or Overrated?

“Tall, dark, and handsome” are a constant descriptor I hear when it comes to the dating scene. However, there are two other descriptors that will make me do a double-take from first glance: funny + handyman. Any man who is the equivalent of Overton Wakefield Jones (from the sitcom “Living Single”) is a winning duo. […]

Before You Date Him, See What Your Dog Has To Say

When my parents received an invitation to my cousin’s wedding, they were quite pleased to find out she was getting married. (Her then-boyfriend is a super nice guy, and I was happy for her too.) While they scheduled their visit to drive out of town for the wedding, I was even giddier than they were. […]

Can Pets Save Your Relationship?

Talking things out and getting guidance from a neutral third party is a healthy way to build a better relationship with yourself and others—and is undoubtedly true for romantic relationships. Professionals have dubbed this helpful voice of reason as the “third” in a relationship. Typically, a therapist would fill this role. But experts are asking […]

15 Kisses To Find ‘The One’

If someone were to ask me, “How many dates have you been on?” I’m not sure I’d be able to answer correctly. Even with a pen and paper, I might be able to provide a ballpark figure. But if someone were to ask me, “How many people have you dated in the online dating world?” […]

Do Pet Lovers Have Better Online Dating Chats?

Pet lovers are the new normal in online dating In our nostalgia of going out to restaurants, I’d forgotten about pricey tabs, wait lists for tables, and the exhaustion of crowds. While we, and the rest of the world, should be clambering at the opportunity to get out and about, something else is going on. […]
Could Your Love Life Use a Spring Cleaning?

Could Your Love Life Use a Spring Cleaning?

If your love life is feeling dull, stuffy, or just needs some refreshing, it might be time for a spring cleaning. Psychotherapist and relationship counselor Mary Jo Rapini, M.Ed, LPC has five tips that she believes everyone should do to breathe new life into their love life—from established couples to singles looking for the real thing. […]

Does Dating a Dog Lover or Cat Person Interfere With Your Love Life?

Dating a pet owner? There are many perks, along with these four not-so-sexy challenges. At FetchaDate, we believe that the secret sauce to love is a fellow pet lover, but that doesn’t mean that dating while being a pet parent or dating a pet owner doesn’t come with its own set of challenges. Don’t worry, dating […]

Pets in Online Dating Profiles? Swipe Right!

Reasons You Should Have a Dog or Cat in Your Profile Photo There are a lot of choices when it comes to today’s dating pool, especially online. But unlike other online dating apps that focus on human profile pics, at FetchaDate, your WingPet makes your first dating app introductions. Here’s why this idea works. Sixty-three […]
Show Your Ex Some (Revenge) Love This Valentine's Day!

Show Your Ex Some (Revenge) Love This Valentine’s Day!

Want to get over your ex? Experts say there are seven stages of a breakup, including desperation for answers, denial, and anger. No matter what stage your find yourself at on Valentine’s Day, you’re almost guaranteed to be swiping through sappy posts on your Instagram feed. On February 14th, be prepared to be slapped in […]

Cat Lovers Find Fellow Feline Lovers On This Dating App

Cat lovers seek to date, too! The only thing millennials love as much as quitting their toxic jobs is hanging out with their pets. Maybe it’s finding more joy in their dog-walking jobs. Or, maybe it’s hanging out with one, two or three cats, and bragging about their pets on Instagram. Unfortunately, the science doesn’t […]
How To Throw a Puppy Bowl Party

How To Throw a Puppy Bowl Party

It’s puppy fun time on Super Bowl Sunday! Mark your calendar for this date idea—the 18th Annual Puppy Bowl airs on February 13, 2022 at 2 p.m. EST. The big game everyone has been waiting for is back! On Super Sunday, February 13, two deserving teams will brawl for the championship. There will be rompin’, […]

Are People Who Choose Pets Over Kids Selfish?

This time, it’s not Millennials’ $18 avocado toast that’s making the news. It’s pet parents. There’s a new trend among Millennial couples, and someone close to the big man upstairs doesn’t like it. Choosing pets over kids is selfish, says Pope Francis. The new firstborn Millennials aren’t jumping at the opportunity to buy cars and homes, […]

Top-Rated Cities for Singles and Their Pups

Where are the best places to live if you’re single with a pet? Money.com knows that when it comes to choosing a place to live, millennial pet parents are considering their pet’s needs. That’s why they’ve analyzed 183K data points across 2K U.S. cities and narrowed down the 10 best places for dog lovers and […]

4 Tips to Score a 2nd Date With a Pet Lover

  Do you think you’ve mastered dating? There are 31% of singles who think they have, and they’ve coined their skill as gambiting. For the other 69% who aren’t all that confident in getting date number two, FetchaDate is here to help! Four quick dating tips 1. Location, location, location Unless you’ve had in-depth conversions […]

Date Like Dogs and Cats: A Lesson In Love

Contrary to the stereotype, cats and dogs don’t all hate each other. If they’ve been socialized around each other early on or if you take just the right steps, your four-legged companions can all live in harmony. In fact, you might learn a thing or two for dating from a successful cat-dog relationship. Here’s what […]

70% Percent of Singles Are Hesidating

What’s going on with dating? The (sorta) good news is that you’re not alone if you have no idea if it’s socially acceptable to kiss, hug, shake hands, or wave goodbye to your date from six feet across the room. In the wake of a “new normal,” singles are asking, “What the heck is normal?” […]
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